Review of Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots film

The Golden Boots

Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots at cinemas February half term

So, I took Little Miss to the cinema to see the new Peppa Pig film, The Golden Boots. Yes, I voluntarily sat through nearly an hour of Peppa Pig. And actually, it wasn’t too bad. It was Little Miss’s first experience of the cinema, so she thought it was all pretty cool. I’d tried to explain what the cinema was like – a really big TV screen was my best explanation – and also popcorn and ice cream. She got quite fixated on the popcorn and ice cream!

Peppa Pig film

Peppa’s a film star!

The Golden Boots is only 15 minutes long, with the rest of the 40-45 minutes filled with five ‘favourite’ Peppa Pig episodes (ie: ones your child has already seen about 100 times!), presented by Derek, Kemi and Jen from Channel Five’s Milkshake team.  I don’t normally notice how manic the Milkshake presenters are, but there was no escaping it in the cinema as they encouraged the kids (and grown ups) to sing along and dance in their seats.

And as far as The Golden Boots is concerned (spoiler alert! – actually, who am I kidding, what plot?), it stays true to the Peppa Pig formula; Daddy Pig is a bit useless, Miss Rabbit has yet another job and everyone falls down laughing at the end. Mrs Duck steals Peppa’s golden boots, and everyone chases her to the moon – as you do.

I think my favourite bit (yes, I do have a favourite bit of a Peppa Pig film, how sad am I?!) was Daddy Pig explaining to Peppa how gravity works. He gets right into the explanation, then Peppa just looks baffled and says ‘so, it’s magic then?’ We’ve all been there, Daddy Pig.

So, is it worth taking the kids to see The Golden Boots this half term? It’s not exactly going to win any Oscars, but it’s a must-see for any Peppa fans. Little Miss absolutely loved it. She got right into the segments with the Milkshake presenters and she was sitting on the edge of her seat during the film (although I think that was so she could see over the head of the person in front!).

All the important bits

Peppa Pig certificate

Little Miss is very proud of her certificate

Where: We went to Showcase Cinema in Peterborough which is showing Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots until Thursday 19 February.

Cost: At the Showcase Cinema, adults go at children’s prices. We booked online for £6.85 per person.

Eating and drinking: And I’d forgotten how expensive popcorn and ice cream is at the cinema! One scoop of ice cream was £2.60 and a regular popcorn £4.25.

Facilities: Ask one of the ushers for a booster seat, it will allow your child to sit up higher. They are just plastic blocks and a little uncomfortable according to Little Miss. You can also get a certificate for your child for their first cinema experience – quite a nice touch I thought.


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